KV 1031 Exchange, a wholly owned subsidiary of KV National Land, provides Qualified Intermediary services to clients nationwide. Our team is comprised of attorneys and accountants with decades of industry experience. We guide our clients through the arcane requirements of the federal and state tax laws, resulting in billions of dollars in tax savings.

As a proud member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, the team at KV 1031 stays abreast of all changes and developments pertaining to IRC Section 1031. We pride ourselves in being an invaluable resource to our clients as they structure their exchange transactions, offering creative solutions to complex problems. Together with our clients’ tax and legal advisors, we first help our clients analyze their transaction to ensure an exchange will be beneficial. Then, we facilitate the exchange by acting as a “Qualified Intermediary”. We draft all the documents needed for the 1031 Exchange, and oversee both closings to ensure they comply with the Treasury Regulations. During the exchange, KV 1031 holds and protects the exchange funds on our clients’ behalf until they are ready to close on their replacement property. Throughout the process, we remain readily available to assist our clients and answer their questions.

Regardless of the size of the transaction, our clients know they can count on KV 1031 providing the same excellent level of personal service that they have come to expect from KV National Land.